The Wolf Of Wall Street Wants To Make Me Rich

Jordan Belfort came on the latest episode of Zero Blog Thirty. You might be scratching your head why the Wolf of Wall Street himself wanted to come on a military podcast, but once we got to talking it made perfect sense.

Jordan has been in sales his entire life, and he is pretty good at it. If you've seen the movie, you know this. So he started up a company that trains people in sales and places them in jobs, really fucking good jobs it seems. If you're a veteran he will train you to sell him a pen, all for free, and get you into a good job. Not a bad offer at all, especially considering the absolute shit way the military prepares troops to return back to the civilian world. 

The rest of the interview is really great, and I honestly could have talked to him for a few hours. He sold me...get it...sales...anyway listen to the rest of the show and have a great fucking weekend.

Yeah I double blogged myself. You know why? Fuck you that's why.