I Refuse To Let Everyone Keep Sucking LeBron's Dick For Having The UNREAL Memory Of ... Remembering Anthony Davis Played At Kentucky And Was Awesome

Dude shut the fuck up. Why are people sucking his dick over this? Because he remembered one of the most iconic images and plays of Anthony Davis at Kentucky? Dude anyone who barely watches college basketball remembers this block

Oh just because you say 'my basketball brain' and shit like that. Let me know when you can recall the 1997 Arizona starting 5 off the top of your head. Let me know when you can list every Elite Eight team for the last 20 years. Is it really that hard to remember the best college hoops player of this era? I don't fucking think so. This is the shit that bothers me with LeBron. He does a simple ass thing like this and everyone loses their shit. 

I refuse to let the world suck a dick when it's not warranted. Oh Anthony Davis won a title? Duh my mother knows that. Your mother knows that. Oh Anthony Davis was dominant? Your grandmother knows that. Just shut the fuck up dude and let's all stop talking about this crazy memory for something so goddamn basic.