Forget That Cool Online Gaming Dad, This Is How Our Dad's Were

A TikTok of a dad has gone viral of him "acting" like he's asking his daughter, who is playing video games, to take the trash out followed by him breaking the fourth wall and directly addressing the audience through the camera about how parents shouldn't ask their kids to pause their games.

I couldn't believe what I was seeing until I remembered it's the year 2020 and all of the norms that we've been accustomed to have completely just been thrown out the window. 

So I became a little bit of "old man yelling at cloud" and decided to remind folks what us older generations (millennials I guess?) would have been faced with if we addressed our folks, dad's especially, the same way. 

It would not have been pretty. No chance in HELL our pops would ever equate playing a real live-action sport to "some fake video game". 

Kids these days will never understand I guess.