This Brutal Carson Wentz High-Fiving Display Is Easily His Worst Highlight Of The Season

Everybody knows that I'm the guy driving the "Carson Wentz is going to silence all the haters and shove it so far up their ass that they'll be able to taste his MVP" bus. I believe in Carson today and I believe in Carson forever. Has my faith ever wavered at times? It's taken a few hits here and there, but no permanent damage. That is, of course, until I saw this clip. 

This godforsaken, cursed clip of Carson Wentz ending up with one of the most awkward triple double high fives these eyes have ever seen. I mean that was so awkward that I was almost convinced I was watching Hubbs and Tommy Smokes celebrating a Yankees home run. 

To be fair, a ton of the blame here needs to fall onto Will Parks. I mean what the hell was that, dude? You already got your first double high five, but then you want to double it up? In this economy? Buddy,,,,,you get one double and you move on. If you want to two-time it, then it's gotta be a double-single. And typically that's a down low double-single. But it's never a double-double. So Will Parks set Carson up for failure right off the bat. 

But my issue here is that Carson clearly didn't have an exit strategy. He didn't have an escape plan. And that's what separates the great ones from the rest of the pack. Things may not always go according to plan for the greats, but they always seem to find a way to get themselves out of those situations and turn it into gold. Carson had nothing for this high five debacle. So all I'm saying right now is that I'm worried. Nothing more, nothing less. Still plenty of time left in his career to clean that up.