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Everyone Needs The Irrational Confidence Of JR Smith Who Said He Could Have Gone Pro In '3 OR 4' Sports

A lot of JR Smith talk recently. Well, mostly ever since Tom Brady thought he had an extra down. But then I remembered this tweet and just made me love JR Smith even more. The dude has the most irrational confidence in the world. I don't even know if I can keep calling it irrational. The man did play football and baseball growing up, so it's not like he is saying this as someone who only played hoops, but to think you can go pro in 3 or 4 sports is outrageous. Also, just needs to happen. Step aside Bo Jackson. Sorry, co-worker Deion. JR Smith going from the Lakers to the Dodgers to the Rams is exactly what we need right now. 

Quite frankly, I'm happy he decided to focus on hoops. If he went to baseball nobody would know him and we wouldn't get a personality at all. Although, him pissing off everyone who believes in the unwritten rules and not having fun in baseball would be worth it for me. Plus, we can't be robbed of JR Smith's moments in the NBA: 

And of course, never forget: