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This Elephant Just Shit On These People's Entire Lives

Holy shit that is not going to be something they forget as long as they live.  Someday these two will be sipping a nice white wine watching the sunset somewhere as they pick at the cheese and prosciutto on a charcuterie board and the stench of these elephants waste will still linger in the air.  I mean read the caption to this video...

"A constipated elephant at the Samui Elephant Sanctuary gets treated with an enema, a procedure where liquid is injected into the rectum in order to expel its contents

Seems to have worked a little too well"

Uhhhh YEAH MR CAPTION MAN, I'D SAY IT WORKED A LITTLE TOO WELL!  Holy shit its a Poopkakke if I've ever seen one.  Just straight diarrhea drizzle to the grillpiece, and that's not a sentence you want to say out loud.  That was a biblical display of ejecting digested food from your body.  Like Noah could have built an ark and it still might not have withstood the flood that just took off out of that elephant.  Godspeed to these folks, may you have some type of relief in your life at some point.