Swordfish Eyeball Review: The BIGGEST Fish Eye In The World

HOLY TOLEDO that is one big ass eye.  Swordfish have the biggest eye in all of fish and one of the biggest eyes in the entire world!  While I like looking at stuff and maybe even checking it out on the internet, there is NOTHING quite like first hand experience.  So when my friend Nick Stanczyk came back with a 282 lb. Swordfish the other day that the filleted for dinner, I knew I had to check this eye out for myself.  We took a GIANT fillet knife and cut the enormous eye out from the Swordfish's head.  At that point, I was left stunned as the enormous thud of the organ hit the cleaning table at Bud N Mary's.  This thing was so heavy it didn't even make sense.  When you live thousands of feet under the ocean, light is tough to come by, so it makes sense why this thing would have such turbocharged facilities!

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