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Spo Having To Spell Out S-H-I-T When Delivering An Awesome Quote Is Just Another Reason We Need To Normalize Swearing

I can't believe at 2020 we still have to have people spelling out swear words and shit. Just say it. I say this as someone with a kid, so I speak on behalf of parents. I don't care what others say, I have a blog that I can write this on. It's time to start accepting that people say shit, fuck, cock, balls. 

It's just a word. If swearing is the worst thing my kid does, he's not nearly cool enough. And you know what? We need guys like Spo to just say it. Saying 'we don't give a shit what anyone thinks' when talking about being down 3-1 and thinking you can still play with the Lakers is an AWESOME quote. Spelling out S-H-I-T sucks. It ruins the quote. You hear that as a Heat fan and you just feel empty and not fired up. 

We need to move on as a society whenever we get the hot mic 'fuck' during a sporting event. We need to start accepting this. Teach your kids it's okay to swear. More importantly, don't ruin a great quote by spelling words out. I can't have Spo during an interview dropping h-e-double hockey sticks next. 

Plus, kids swearing are hilarious. There's a reason this plays: