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Are You Ready For Some Tuesday Night Football? This Sunday's Titans-Bills Game Has Been Moved To Tuesday Night...For Now

Two quick things went through my head as soon as I saw this:

1. Fuuuuuuuck yeah, Tuesday Night Football!!!

2. There is no goddamn chance this actually happens, right?

I may be an eternal optimist that is ready to challenge every single person that says anything bad about an NFL game getting cancelled to Rough N Rowdy and would looooooooove it if every night was an NFL football night (which I'm sure Goodell is going to continue to look into after this coronaseason is over). But all this just seems like wishful thinking considering a Titans player tested positive for the rona THIS MORNING.

So while Tuesday Night Football at dinner time seems like a fun way to continue running out the clock on this shitty year, I imagine we'll be watching Game 3 of the Yankees/Astros ALCS* as the Titans forfeit the game while the rest of the NFL learns a very valuable lesson.

*Definitely not a jinx

As the points leader in the Barstool Fantasy League, I am clearly the person who people should go to here for fantasy advice and I don't think you can start any Titans or Bills this week. You either need to roll with someone else in their slot or have an agreement with your commish of who your other player will be if your Titan or Bill can't go. I also think anybody that has a Titan on their fantasy roster should have pay the entry fees of every manager that doesn't have a Titan. #Somethings #YouShouldntGoToMeForFantasyAdviceIJustWantedToBragAboutLeadingTheseIdiotsInPointsScored