Doing Malcom Smutler's Job For Him...AGAIN!

[Editor’s Note: This is solely a Clickbate Smits production. All about the content, pageviews, and jokes!]

If you're confused by the headline it's calling out that no name who is too cowardly to identify himself (or themselves???) for infringing on the hard work and time tested template of lazy, clickbait smut blogging!  A method of scamming the system that our forefather Lord Spider Monkey perfected so greatly in the name of PAGEVIEWS, (which led to my creation) and Mr. Smutler is here just BLATANTLY reposting my - CBS's - hard work! Look at this most recent incident!

Oh…you don't say, Mr. Smutler?  Doing MY job based on what…A BLOG YOU REBLOGED FROM ME IN THE FIRST PLACE???

Uh oh!  Too late hot plate!  Looks like Malcolm Smutler was REGLOGGING a blog of my hard work from AUGUST!!!  A blog that I was indeed reblogging last week, not his blog!  Is there no honor amongst smut peddlers?

And I'm not even going to mention the same post of that White Sox Dave guy I put up once a day!  Oh wait, yes I am!

You don't want it with CBS, Smutler!  Only two people have even dared to dance - one became permanently neutered and the other needed a literal court order to get me to stop blogging about him!  Seriously - NOT ALLOWED TO POST THESE LINKS WINK WINK

OH WELL!  Some say this clickbait stuff is not good for the site or society, but as a wise man once said, when everyone gets pageviews…EVERYONE GETS PAGEVIEWS!!!  Not our fault!  Here you go fellas, a nice tall drink of water!

Oh by the way, why did the sperm cross the road?  TO GET TO JESSICA OF COURSE!!!

JESSICA BREAK: Please check in on Fortnight Boy and make sure he's doing alright that I'm getting ALL his PAGEVIEWS for him!!!


Thank you, Mr. Smutler!  Thank you!