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Adam Sandler's "Hubie Halloween" Featured An All-Time Sandman Cameo

Look it's not winning an Oscar by any means. 

We knew that. If Sandman can't win an Oscar from Uncut Gems then I guess it's just not in the cards. And that's OK. This is Adam Sandler in his movies. 

Pretty dumb, not sure how we got to the ending, but fun and, although I hate the word, "silly". That's what Hubie Halloween was. KenJac and Jeff D. Lowe will have more of an in-depth breakdown of the movie, but I watched it last night and came away with a smile. 

I mean, it's a holiday flick. You aren't watching Hubie Halloween in March just like you wouldn't be psycho enough to watch Santa Clause 3 in December. It's a movie you throw on to get into the "holiday" or "Halloween" spirit without having to be spooked. 

But one of my favorite parts of the entire movie took place in the first scene. It was an all-time Sandler cameo from a prior movie furthering the belief that somehow all of these movies are taking place in the same Happy Madison universe and will one day come together as some genius plan of Sandler's to form a slapstick version of the Marvel movies. 

It was none other than the legendary Hal L. 

That's right. The housekeeper from Happy Gilmore played by Ben Stiller makes his way into Hubie Halloween and even makes a callback to the 1996 classic. 

The movie was loaded with a ton of Sandler's buddies popping in and out per usual, but this one by far takes the cake. I'm pretty sure it's the first time we've seen Hal L. back in action since. 

Sandler is absolutely just living the dream right now. Put his heart and soul into Uncut Gems, still got nothing, and said 'fuck it I'm going back to making dumbass movies with my friends that make us all laugh and fuck everyone else. Oh and by the way, pay me the big bucks for doing so, Netflix.'

That's why he's the best.