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Zack Greinke Tells Ramon Laureano He's Throwing Him a Curveball - Ramon Laureano Promptly Blasts a Three Run Bomb Off Of Said Curveball

Absolutely incredible. That's such an amazing clip I can't stop watching. Holds the two sign up. Throws the curveball. Gets demolished. Bold strategy, Cotton. Get fucked. 

Greinke and his weird ass spent the whole 2020 season telling hitters what he was throwing and somehow getting away with it. I mean how can you trust him as the hitter? He can't be that insane can he? Oh yes, he certainly can. You'd think at least one time he would lie and trick the hitters. Nope, not once. He holds up the sign that means he's throwing it. 

I guess he's trolling the cheating scandal and trying to make a point? Yeah, maybe don't tell hitters what you're throwing in the middle of a playoff game. If you're going to start lying, that seems like the place to start. Feel like everyone in the field just groans every time he does this just waiting for a ball to get annihilated. They literally know what it's like to know every pitch that's coming. It won them a World Series. Everyone had career years. Altuve won the AL MVP award. Maybe stop doing this Greinke....or not, to each their own!

Laureano is such a boss by the way. His speech mid-game yesterday got the A's going and led to them winning it late, staving off elimination. Now he's got them out in front early trying to force a Game 5. Tried to fight the whole Astros team earlier in the year. King shit.