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Justin Herbert Has Been Named The Full-Time Starter For The Chargers, Finally

I understand Anthony Lynn's hesitation with this decision for a few reasons. The first is that the situation incredibly unfair for Tyrod Taylor, who was only sidelined because the team doctor fucking punctured his lung. The second is that Herbert is still a rookie who is on a team that is basically already out of the picture. 11/22 starters are sidelined with injuries and the reigning superbowl champ is in the division along with the MVP. So why risk hurting the future of the team when your best hopes in maybe limping into a wildcard spot.

That said, you cant argue with the fact that the guy is a fucking stud. 

My big worry is presumably the same as Lynn's: injury. The offensive line is in shambles, the year is burnt, and he's stuck throwing to practice squad guys with all the other injures to the team. Not to mention the fact that the team doctor is Leo Spaceman. Just stay healthy, king.