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We've Waited Long Enough. It's Time For The Jaromir Jagr Peanut Butter To Come Back

It's right around lunch time in the eastern time zone and more often than not, I treat myself to an expertly crafted peanut butter & jelly sando for lunch. I've been perfecting my PB&J craft for at least 15 years at this point. I have it down to a science. The perfect level of toast on the bread, the perfect ratio of peanut butter to jelly (roughly 3:2), the perfect technique for spreading, and a surgical precision when it comes to slicing the sandwich in half horizontally diagonally (UPDATE: okay my brain quite literally shut off while I was writing that sentence. Meant to say diagonal but I totally forgot which word mean what. Not the greatest moment for me). I'll put my peanut butter & jelly up there against anybody's in the world. 

The only thing is that you simply cannot replace and/or replicate the finest ingredients the world has ever created. You can be the greatest PB&J chef in the world but if you're not using the best ingredients possible, then it's never going to be the best sando you can possibly create. 

Which is why we desperately need the return of the deliciously smooth, extra creamy Jagrnut Butter. 

"I was injured for a month and the doctors didn't know what to do with me. Then I get the peanut butter around on my groin and all of a sudden I start playing". 

Now I don't know if we need to start mass producing this product again, or maybe we can just check in with this dude. Buddy looks like he 100% has an apocalypse bunker at his house where he probably has at least 200 jars of this still stashed away. So we can start with that stash and move on from there. But with everything that we've been through in the year 2020, the least the world can do is throw us a little bone here and bring Jagrnut Butter back into our lives.