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Gaming Site Is Giving Away College Scholarships To Legend Of Zelda Fans


HIDDEN TRIFORCE – Did you know that this website offers YOU a college scholarship?

We at The Hidden Triforce try to set ourselves apart from other sites in the Zelda fandom, and by offering you the Triforce of Wisdom Scholarship, we definitely think that helps.

We’re currently accepting submissions for a 2015 winner.

Entering for your chance to win is very simple. You can visit the page for the full rules, but the following criteria must be met:

-You MUST be at least a high school senior that has been accepted to a college or a currently enrolled college student (undergrad and graduate level are acceptable)

-You MUST be a United States citizen

-You MUST write a 500-2000 word essay about a time you had to display an exceptional amount of courage or wisdom to accomplish a goal in life. The essay MUST be in Microsoft Word (.doc, .docx) or Adobe PDF file format. The winner will be announced on or before January 31, 2016. If you’re entering college or currently enrolled and could use some support, why wait? Enter for your chance for an extra $500 for a semester. It can really help you out! Click here to see our Triforce of Wisdom Scholarship Page.

You youngins are lucky my elderly taint no longer qualifies for this Triforce Of Wisdom Scholarship (Ganandorf- worthy BOSS name for an award). This would instantly be $500 worth of beer money in my pocket. Only 500 words required about courage? I could write a doctorate-level thesis on my fight with Shadow Link alone. That doesn’t even factor in the amount of pain and controllers shattered against the wall I had to overcome to get conquer the Water Temple. You want heart? The first time I cried over a woman was when I was forced to leave Saria in the Hidden Forrest. I also had a closer relationship with Epona than I did with most of my immediate family. Or how about I honestly haven’t had a genuine meaning in life since I concluded The Ocarina In Time when I was 12. Shakespeare that shit up a little bit (Ie hire an editor for propper gramer) and we’ve got ourselves a scholarship. The only thing would hold me back is if the judges were prejudice against my adolescent attraction for the female Zoras. Those damn water minxes made puberty a lot more confusing than it should have been.