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Chet Haze, Son Of Tom Hanks, Would Like Everyone To Know That He Plans On Using The N Word Because It's 2015


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Quick question. When someone asks Tom Hanks if he has children does he just pretend Chet Haze doesn’t exist? I know I would. Because here you are a mega A-list celebrity, one of the most popular movie stars of all time, and out comes your shithead son calling himself “Chet Haze”, pretending to be some street wise rapper, making Instagram videos on why he should be able to use the N word (no disrespect to people who lived in Jim Crowe era though), and basically scorching everything you’ve worked so hard for. Can Parents divorce themselves from their children? Because that’s what I would do if I were Tom Hanks. At the bare minimum I would try to get Chet into a Good Son situation where I can ultimately drop him off the side of a cliff. Who arrests Tom Hanks for that? No one.