Florida Man Taken To The Hospital After Bloody Shark Attack Off Miami Beach

First of all, I hope this guy is alright and fully recovers.  That is obviously the most important factor when talking about a shark attack where someone gets hurt, no one in the world wants somebody to be injured to perish at the hands of nature.  From this video it seems like people were generally pretty calm and collected while fixing him up.  No screeching or hollering, for the most part it was pretty calm and I think that is really cool in a potentially scary situation like this. That being said, I hope the next topic is that the shark does not deserve any blame whatsoever.  Even though Miami Beach is an extremely popular tourist destination, all of Florida's Atlantic Coast, Biscayne Bay, and the waters around there are all fertile destinations for baitfish and predators alike.  The reality is that there should be WAY more attacks then there are given the sheer number of Sharks swimming amongst all the tourists, yet it rarely ever happens.  Like statistically its so unbelievably tiny that it almost seems impossible.  So I'm sorry this dude got bit, but I am glad people have been pretty level-headed about it. 

Miami Beach police warned that there were a number of bait fish schools in the area, and swimming amongst them has a higher chance of becoming involved in a mistaken identity case than staying on the beach.  Its a tale as old as time.  The shark involved, a Blacktip, eats fast moving fish and has zero intention of ever consuming a large mammal.  They hunt in the waves near the beach and are lightning quick, so almost all of their bites are hit and runs, as this one appears to be.  Doesn't mean it wasn't a nasty little gash...

This twitter user had an interesting perspective on the matter,

As a shark attack victim, I'd like to wish this guy the best.