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Conor McGregor Says He Has ACCEPTED THE UFC'S OFFER To Fight Dustin Poirier - Told Them It Must Happen In 2020


Just yesterday, I wrote a blog about this offer seemingly still being out there for Conor McGregor to accept, and said, "If this is REAAALLY not about the money, or fans, or anything but Conor McGregor wanting to fight again, I think the ball is now in his court."

After this response by Conor, though, I believe the tables have turned, and the ball is once again is the UFC's court!

After Dana White told me in My Mom's Basement last week that the UFC had finally budged on offering McGregor a fight, and that it was the Dustin Poirier rematch - one that really makes sense right now, and one many MMA fans believe would be a lot more evenly matched this time around (myself not included) - it became very clear that this could actually happen. 

Here we are, about a week after that offer was put out to these gentlemen, and it now seems both of 'em are down to fight! 

Dustin Poirier said he accepted immediately in response to the interview I did with Dana, and Conor just tweeted today saying that he's in, his only stipulation being that it must happen in 2020; I doubt that'll be an issue for Dustin, considering he was planning on fighting Tony Ferguson recently anyway, and is probably already training. McGregor threw multiple dates out there that he'd be down to fight - Nov 21st (UFC 255), Dec 12th (UFC 256), and Dec 19th (UFC Fight Night) - and mentioned that he still plans on donating $500,000 to Poirier's 'The Good Fight' charity. If you know anything about Conor, you probably saw this coming from a mile away. Say what you will about his recent troubles but he has always been an extremely charitable man since finding success.

Looks like we may have ourselves a fight, though, ladies and gentlemen! Could it really be?! The Notorious One gettin back in there this year?!

UPDATE: Dustin's in….