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Cole Anthony's One Season At UNC Was Such A Disaster That The Knicks Apparently Will Only Draft Him If He Falls to 27th OVERALL

[Source] - The Knicks are leaning against taking the Manhattan point guard with the No. 8 pick, or even if they trade down into the 14-15-range, according to an industry source.

If Anthony falls to No. 27, the Knicks would be interested, however. Anthony struggled with his shot at UNC, shooting 38 percent, though he averaged 18.5 points for Roy Williams’ Tar Heels.

Talk about one of your all-time falls in one season. Cole Anthony entered UNC as a projected top-3/5 pick. It seemed like a lock. He was the best point guard in the class and was supposed to be one of the, if not the first point guard taken in the NBA Draft. Now? Now you have the Knicks saying they aren't taking him to 27. Granted, it's the Knicks and well, we know the joke there, this still is a disaster for Cole. Because it's not just the Knicks. There's this report too: 

An exec has him 35? That's insane. Listen, Cole sucked last year. He was inefficient, got hurt and UNC was an unmitigated disaster. They sucked. No other way to put it. I'm not even hating UNC like normal. They were incredibly shitty. And now we're seeing Cole Anthony pay for it. 

I agree I want nothing to do with him at 8 as a Knicks fan. But if he falls to 27? That's a fucking steal. The dude is likely somewhere as a top-15 prospect. He clearly has talent, plus he can wear 50 like his pops did for the Knicks and win all of us idiots over quickly. I'd much rather have Tyrese Haliburton or Killian Hayes at 8. But I just can't see Cole falling to 27, no matter what. Really it just keeps showing how much of a crapshoot this Draft is, even compared to normal. 

Oh and don't be surprised to see this used against Roy in recruiting. He's not made for one and dones and big time recruits. Roy is better with guys who are 4/5-stars but not leaving after one year. Just look at his history, Coby White is kind of the outlier in this category. Sure would hate to see that happen.