If This T-Rex Skeleton Sold For $31 Million, How Much Is A Living T-Rex Worth?

When this tweet came across my eyeballs yesterday, I was immediately SHOCKED.  $31 Million Dollars for a complete skeleton of the #1 most famous Dinosaur is unbelievably low.  There are a shitload of celebrity houses in Los Angeles worth more than this, and TONS of fancy yachts that have a cost dwarfing what this entire prehistoric predator's remains costs?  What could possibly be more of a big dick move than having this?  NOTHING.  What is more impressive to show off, a goddamn boat (which there are literally tens of thousands of) or a complete skeleton of a TYRANNOSAURUS REX?  Am I crazy?  It feels like its not even close? 

I tweeted this out and started to really think about what could be causing this bargain bin price for such a special group of bones.

The only thing that I could come up with is that... it's not alive.  Its insanely cool in my brain, and I think it would impress anybody on Earth who sees it, but there isn't an action that it can complete.  It doesn't rip people in half and it couldn't even flip a Jeep over if it wanted to.  And that's where I realized the most pressing question here; If the skeleton of a T-Rex is worth 31 M's, how much would a living breathing T-Rex be?!  Reports just flew around the other day that Howard Stern was making 120 Million a YEAR, and whether they are true or not, I think that only emphasizes how much a 25,000 lb dinosaur could rake in.  

Think of the possibilities:

1- Advertising: What would the bidding war look like between Budweiser/Coke/McDonald's for who would get to feature the T-Rex to peddle their product on the biggest television night of the year!  You would INSTANTLY become the most talked about ad of the night, without any question.  Brands pay artists like Cardi B and arm and a leg to appear in their ad, but how much would they pay for an artist who hasn't been seen for 65 Million years?

2- Pay For Clout Schemes: You may be able to make a billion dollars off of IG Models/Youtubers alone paying to get pictures with this thing.  Look at how those girls flock to the Bahamas to pose with those pigs on the beach... now imagine a 20 foot tall Dinosaur?!  Like/rate/subscribe city.

3- Theme Parks:  Picture this for a second... a completely dinosaur themed attraction where citizens from around the world could pay top dollar to experience animals that haven't walked the Earth since the Jurassic period.  Triceratops, Raptors, and the crown jewel... a living, breathing Tyrannosaurus rex.  The amount of money you could make would be worth creating the fanciest resort possible, the ability to spare no expense.  There is literally nothing that could go wrong with this idea whatsoever.