Someone Slowed Down This Video That Coach Cal Put On Twitter To Reveal A Hidden Message Talking Shit About Louisville

And here's the original video: 

And here's the slowed down version with the original mixed in: 

The man just continues to kick Louisville's ass. Remember, Chris Mack tried to 'expose' Kentucky, when really he just proved that Louisville needs to do anything and everything to make sure Kentucky is happy. They just act like a good little brother. 

And this is what makes Cal so fucking great. Did he respond with a video calling out Mack? Nope. He replied with a simple tweet

Then waited an entire week to release this hidden message. It's the greatest troll in college hoops social media history. Chris Mack out here taking multiple takes to land the perfect message. Trying to bang on the desk and all that. Cal didn't need any of that. He's going to make a hidden message and let everyone figure it out for him. Then he'll laugh about it and this will be quoted all year. 

I've said it before, but I'm glad Chris Mack did this. It was hard to get an ounce of hatred for him when he joined Louisville. They can't beat Kentucky, Cal is 11-2 vs Louisville since he took over. The last few years of Pitino/Cal were too friendly. Mack was just this guy from Xavier with a Shaq dunking tattoo on his ankle. But now? Now he reignited the rivalry like It's Always Sunny and I look forward to kicking his ass. 

After watching this video, I'm moving Cal to 12-2 against Louisville.