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Browns/Colts Is A Pick Em? More Like LOST VEGAS, Cause These Sportsbooks Got No Clue!

Okay so when this opened up I said to my personal assistant (Mom) that this was quite possibly the easiest wager in the history of the gambling. Had her head out to the garage and get my hammer out of my tool box. I said, I know a lot of Kindergarten teachers start teaching reading with phonics and letter sounds, but I would suggest with showing those 4-year-old kids this Week 5 NFL Betting Board. Because it was the easiest thing to read of all time. And now the sharps (me) have pushed this line down to a pick em. Listen, this situation directly correlates to what I see on Twitter day in and day out from a lot of you. I always see people asking Dave, "Hey Pres, is $PENN still a good buy at $70?" Listen, I'm not going to give my two cents on that question because the only SEC I want beef with is whatever fraud defense they match up with Ohio State in the playoff, but I will tell you that yes, the Browns were a good bet at +2.5 and they still are as a pick em. After running my numbers, I handicapped Cleveland as 6.5 point favorites in this one. So unless the line shifts by another touchdown before kickoff, you're good to bet.

I've seen a lot of hype leading up to this game saying that this is the #1 defense against the #1 rushing attack. Which is going to prevail? Well the fact of the matter is that the Colts has zero wins against good teams. They've played absolutely nobody. AND THEY LOST TO THE JAGUARS. So for the first time this season, they have to pack up their bags and go play against an actual real life professional football team. And the home dawgs (dawg pound, unfortunately not underdogs anymore) will be BARKING. 

I just can't believe someone could even fathom giving the Browns points this week. Like, did you not see the way we beat down the Cowboys last week? Or Washington before that? Or the Bengals before that? In the last three weeks, the Browns have scored 118 points. There have to have been entire seasons where the Browns didn't even score 118 points. And I know Nick Chubb is out today and yes that's a pretty big deal, but not as big of a deal as the Colts injuries they're dealing with.

Haha. Hey Colts backup Left Tackle, meet Myles Garrett:

Getty Images.

All he's done is had 5 sacks in the last 3 weeks, and attempted to murder someone on the football field. I'm sure you'll be fine though.

Anyways, Kevin Stefanski if you're reading this, not having Nick Chubb cannot completely change our offense today. The key to today's game is still to establish the running game (now with Kareem Hunt) and set our guy Baker Mayfield for success. He has a 108 passer rating over the last three games, and like I said heading into this year, if he doesn't play terrible, we'll win. Just be normal….use your weapons. OBJ is good but if he's not there use Jarvis. Or Austin Hooper. Or dump it to Kareem. Take what they give you and don't force anything. The Colts lead the league in interceptions with 7, and Baker hasn't thrown one in the last two games. Baker: just throw it to the players in the BROWN jerseys. I think we're even wearing the orange pants to make it easier for you. If he does that, I cannot think of a path the Colts have to victory today. Myles Garrett is going to feast, and the Colts vaunted defense is without their far and away best player, with his backup questionable, too!! I'm telling you, Browns BIG.

Also -- while I have the eyeballs of the entire nation right now, can I talk about a trend that I'm sick of seeing? Here's what's really been chapping my ass these past couple of weeks: when the Browns lose, it's "Same Old Browns". But when the Browns win, it's because they "played a bad team". They should win those games, the haters on Twitter and the incredibly intelligent commenters say. "Wait til they play (insert next team)." Well folks, that insert next team was the Cowboys, and now it's the Colts. So can we give them credit when they win today? I don't want to have to wait until Pittsburgh next week, only to hear that Big Ben is washed up and wait until whoever's next. This Browns team is for real and it's about time people start putting respect on their name.

Oh, and welcome to the newly updated TWELVE THOUSAND fans coming to First Energy Stadium this afternoon. It's not the 70,000 it could be, but it'll be nice to get a little more noise into there. Well, unless Phillip Rivers brings his family and then there will only be able to be 11,000 Browns fans in there. Either way, get loud folks. Biggest Browns game in the last 10 years? Probably, until next week.