A-Rod Ranting About How The Yankees Front Office Has Handled This Series Is Every Fan At Home Right Now

Everything about that rant was perfect. Exactly what needed to be said and everything Yankees fans are thinking right now. Don't play jeopardy, play baseball. Interesting phrase, but yeah it works I think. You can't beat the Rays at their own game, they created the game. They are the masters of it. They had to create this to beat the Yankees because they couldn't out-spend them and play ball in the free agent market. They can't go out there and sign a Gerrit Cole, they can't trade for an A-Rod, they have to do it their own way and they've been extremely successful at it. This series changed the moment Boone and the front office tried to get cute. Since then the Rays have flipped a switch and busted through the door that was left open. Now they're in the driver's seat and the Yankees are on the brink of elimination. 

You know A-Rod felt good getting that rant off his chest given his relationship with the Yankees front office. He can't stand those guys. They've been at each other's heads for over a decade. People will probably say after this A-Rod should be hired as the next manager. I don't see that ever happening unless Cashman moves on to another team. If they lose this series I'd axe Boone and bring in Buck Showalter, but that's a bridge we'll cross if we get there. For now this team has to wake up and be the Yankees again. Montgomery has to pitch hit ass off tonight, the Yankees have to mash, and the bullpen needs to do their job. You need 7-8 runs to win tonight. Is it likely? Certainly not if things go a similar way that they did the previous two nights, but it is still just a 2-1 deficit. They did this in 2001 and 2017. Crazier things have happened, they just need an early spark to gain momentum and to ride that shit to a Game 5. Just get to Game 5 and hand the ball to your horse.