Trump Campaign Left A Ticket For Tupac At Tonight's Vice Presidential Debate Under Senator Kamala Harris' Name

XXL - Donald Trump's campaign is taking jabs at Democratic vice presidential nominee, Kamala Harris, just hours before her scheduled debate against current Vice President Mike Pence tonight (Oct. 7).

According to a tweet shared by Amber Athey, the Washington editor for the Spectator, a weekly British conservative magazine, Trump's campaign is planning to leave a ticket for the late Tupac Shakur ahead of the debate following Senator Harris saying that ‘Pac is the best rapper alive.

Apparently, the Commander In Chief's senior campaign adviser, Jason Miller, is the person who supposedly made the statement.

The jab comes after Harris misspoke about the late great Tupac on more than one occasion. On Sept. 25, during an interview with Angela Rye, the California politician said the late rapper is the best rapper alive. Last February, during an interview on The Breakfast Club, Harris was accused of lying after she stated that she once smoked weed in college while listening to the All Eyez on Me rapper. Harris in fact graduated from college from Howard University in 1986, before 'Pac started his musical career.


This story has been well covered since it broke by my boy Chief and I.

Even closed my blog out with the following -

Not here trying to nitpick or pile on. Just pointing out some major pandering because I despise phonies. Either you still get blunted and listen to Death Row, which is absolutely, totally fine, in fact I wouldn't even be mad, I think I'd respect it- or you were trying to sound cool to your audience and faked the funk. (Shaq & Bill Rusell's #1 rule)

I fully expect, "Senator Harris, I think you might have something you'd like to clear up. So my first question is do you still "smoke weed everyday"? And are you down with The Row?"  to be the first question posed to her at the VP debate on Wednesday, October 7th.

Credit where it's due. This was well played. 

Somebody’s been paying attention. 

Political advisors and grinders like Jason Miller are always looking for a way to make a name for themself. Well, take a bow Jason this troll job put you on the map.

p.s. - No reports yet on if Tupac showed up or not.

p.p.s. - At the next debate, Trump or Biden could pull a Jerry Springer and introduce a skeleton from the other guy's closet from backstage. They could come storming out and cause a melee to break out on stage and I don't think anybody would bat an eye. 

Our shock meters are so numbed by all the crazy shit we've seen recently that nothing even phases us anymore. 

"Oh the leader of the free world left a ticket to the debate for a dead gangsta rapper, that his challenger's running mate claimed was her favorite rapper alive you say? Didn't Kennedy or Roosevelt do the same thing?"

p.p.p.s. - Who woulda thought VP Pence was such a deviant?


(Story developing…)