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Unreal Scene When A Flames Draft Pick Found Out He Was Drafted During Practice

The Calgary Flames used the 80th overall selection in the NHL draft to select Jake Boltmann of the Lincoln Stars in the USHL. In a draft that seemed pretty boring with everyone just sitting in front of their laptops when they get the call, that wasn't the case for Boltmann. When the Flames went to make the call, Jake was at practice. So the Stars did the only logical thing you could do, announced it at practice and let the boys celebrate. What a scene. I can't really imagine a better scenario to get drafted if you didn't see it coming. While you don't get to celebrate with your family, you get to celebrate with all your best buds and don't have a million cameras in your face. Lets hope the coach shut it down after this. So not only did your friend/teammate get drafted, you also go a shortened practice with no bag skate. 

Shoutout to the coaches for being proactive here too. Would have sucked if Boltmann just found out from a text message when he got back into the locker room.