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Doug Flutie Has A New Video Game Coming Out

So last week I went down to Florida to interview Doug Flutie and it turns out he was the man. Cool ass guy who just drives around a beach town in a Batmobile, enjoying the fruits of an awesome life. 

It turns out that the coolest thing Doug has going is a video game he's coming out with called Maximum Football 2020. If it sounds fake then you just haven't been paying enough attention. 

Hell yes. Sign me up.

Tired of other football games not updating for like 20 years? Doug has you covered. Overhauled customized gameplay, you can design your own plays, get in their dynasty mode, customize controls and field sizes, even play as a the Canadians do or as Doug himself. 

Is that sexy or what?

If you dig Doug then grab a bowl of Flutie Flakes and dig in to Maximum Football 2020.