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All 4'2'' Of 2x CHAMP Smidge The Doorman Wants To Fight Again... WHO'S GONNA STOP HIS 3RD TERM ON 10/23?

What a fucking announcement from our 2x Lightweight champion!!! For the uninitiated, Smidge The Doorman is 1 of the greatest & most decorated fighters in RnR history, showing absolute domination in every PPV he's fought in. 

He had the entire Providence arena ON THEIR FEET last Fall as he beat King Pablo into submission...

Over 4 MILLION people have seen that beatdown and now he's ready to complete for a 3rd term too... So is there anyone (under 4'5'') brave enough to step up and take down the Lightweight KING? We'll find out in a few short weeks. 

Go Smidge GO!

Knockouts, Ring Girls, Main Events & MORE on October 23rd... Order RnR 12 HERE 

Knockouts, Ring Girls, Main Events & MORE on October 23rd... Order RnR 12 HERE