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The Greatest Submission In UFC History Happened Three Years Ago Today

I know we all use a whole lot of hyperbole here on Barstool Sports dot com, but I'm not exaggerating in the slightest when I call this the greatest submission in UFC history. I know there's a ton of classics - Anderson Silva's triangle on Chael, The Korean Zombie's OG Twister, Jon Jones choking the life out of Lyoto Machida with a guillotine, Nate Diaz flipping the double birds while puttin Kurt Pellegrino to sleep, etc - but this flying armbar just oozes excellence and swagger like none other. 

It's something we had never seen before this moment, have never seen again, and may never see again - but it wasn't some kinda freak accident/lucky fluke - it's something Demetrious Johnson drilled and drilled and drilled in the gym prior to this fight. 

I'll never forget watching this in real time, and just being absolutely befuddled and in awe of what I just witnessed. I'd say the only moments like it since were Masvidal's flying knee KO over Ben Askren and Yair Rodriguez's INSANE elbow KO over Zombie at the 25th Anniversary Show. Suuuuch "HOLY SHIT!" moments you know you'll never forget. God damn I love MMA.