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Big Ben Says The Steelers Got "Short End Of The Stick" Last Week & He's Not Lying

Big Ben spoke to the media as he usually does on Wednesday's today, and he had some choice words for his thoughts on how last week's postponement turned bye week played out for the Steelers. 

I mean he's not wrong. 

Sure, in terms of health they didn't because they aren't the team dealing with a COVID outbreak. But in terms of football? Absolutely they did. 

They were ready to roll. They had no positives. Now it's come out that the Titans were having private workouts last week when they were supposed to be on lockdown, and because of all this the Steelers have their perfectly placed Week 8 bye week moved to Week 4 and shortened by 3 days? 

Week 8 bye was right in between the Ravens and Cowboys smack dab in the middle of the year. Now they get a three-day bye with the Eagles and Browns at home coming up.

Yeah I'd say that's definitely a shitty deal. 

Luckily Coach Tomlin has already addressed with an emphatic "we don't care" about having to play 13 straight weeks. Hopefully he can get his QB on board with that mentality, and hopefully we won't see any rust nonsense for Big Ben coming back after this "bye".