This Is The Cutest Baby Eel You Will See All Day And I Guarantee It

Look at this little bugger!  I mean wow that's a face fit for one of those ads aimed to guilt you into buying stuff at Toys R Us because you realize your kids are way less cute than that model baby and you need to help them out through other methods.  Giant eyes, cute little fins, its like real life took designs from Pixar instead of the other way around.  Crazy.  Some of these Eels grow into one of the more wild shaped animal I've seen on the web.

Like WHAT is that clear blob doing masquerading as a life form on Earth.  You clearly originated in some other galaxy and are here on a foreign exchange trip.  We all know it, you know it, so let's just be up front about it so there's not any miscommunications.  

At least this one seems friendly for now!  If this little munchkin ends up being a Moray, he could very well grow up to bite someone's finger off someday! (Warning: the eel bites the shit out of someone in this video)