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Despite Saying It Feels Like Bones Are Hitting In The Back Of His Elbow, Mike Clevinger Is Not Giving Up On Pitching The Rest of the Series

Mike Clevinger heroically tried to give it a go last night against the Dodgers in Game 1 of the NLDS. Despite looking fine in a scoreless first inning, Clev was pulled just two pitches into the top of the 2nd with clear discomfort in his throwing arm. His velo had dropped and the injury concerns coming into the start had come back. He told the media afterwards he started feeling it during the 2nd batter of the game, but kept trying to grind. Impossible to not have all the respect for this dude. 

The Padres ace did everything he could to put himself in position to make this start and was given the green light for Game 1.

Now he's been told there's no threat to do anything worse to his elbow if he continues to pitch the rest of the way. 

Dude is a nut job and wants to keep pitching, but how in the world can he? Clevinger will probably tell them he can pitch with the pain because he's a psychopath, but is it worth it? The Padres gotta make a decision. If you take him off the roster he can't pitch in the NLCS. This fucking blows, I wanna see him pitch a full game against LA. San Diego really don't have a chance without him AND Lamet. I almost feel like if he stays on the roster past tonight that means he's going to pitch again. Stay tuned.