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The Blackhawks Draft Goalie From United States Development Team And I Am Sure It'll Work Out Great

The Blackhawks CLEARLY wanted to address their goaltending issues in the draft this year. They reported tried to move up to the 10-12 range last night to draft Askarov. With their first pick in the 2nd round they took the #2 goalie on their board. They had their pick of Blomqvist, among others, and the Hawks went with Drew Commesso. Is he good? No idea. He had good numbers last year both for the U18 team and in USHL competition which isn't exactly known for playing great defense in front of goalies. Commesso is going to play at BU whenever BU decides to open up and play sports again. That's a good place for him with a history of good goaltending. 

Many people have asked a question similar to this one

This pick is COMPLETELY unrelated to Crawford, at least in the short term. If Crawford was 28 maybe they don't make this pick, but it wouldn't have mattered if it were Askarov or Commesso, they're not playing in the NHL this coming year. Or next year. Or the year after that. Goalies take forever to develop and it's why they're typically so hard to project. People seem to forget that Crawford was drafted in 2003 and wasn't a full time goalie in the NHL until 2011. That's extreme, but the odds that this kid overlaps with Toews and Kane is probably a coin flip at best. 

I am starting to get depressed about the Blackhawks to be honest. The draft used to be a fun day. A hopeful day. Now, even though its still hopeful, there's the other edge of things that when you talk timelines it doesn't add up with the Hawks being good and our favorite guys being on the team. Bums me out. I hate time.