Video: "Pizza Lady, You Bring Love In Every Bite" - Marine Serenades Delivery Woman In Viral Barracks Classic

This video/song by Marine Jared Williams-DeBolt is twelve years old now but I never get sick of it.. Something about it captures an essence of lower-enlisted barracks life; Guys always just loitering around with their buddies, the way everyone gathers like a moth to a flame when they hear a commotion, the excitement of junk food delivery (and someone with a vagina being present!)... I can't tell you how many times we all played this for each other & sang out the lyrics. Sometimes while waiting for a pizza ourselves.. 

Pizza lady's here with the pizza

Pizza lady, standing there-ah

-inaudible- it's alright

She brings us pizza love

Pizza lady

Angus hurry up, 

the pizza lady needs her cash and her tip

Pizza lady, mission completed!

Pizza lady fuckin' rocks

Pizza lady where are you going,

my heart can't live without you

In my life I need your pizzas

All day & all night

Pizza lady, fuckin' track star

Look how fast pizza lady runs

Pizza lady, you bring love in every bite


Pizza lady, don't you go

Pizza lady, don't you know

I need your loooOoOoOOoOoooove

Pizza lady.....

- Disclaimer - This was a delightful one-off and I don't recommend chasing your own delivery person with a guitar. 

What brought this to my mind was writing about a Hot Pocket shortage on military bases last night & how that's problematic for snacking, especially for those on bases in remote areas where delivery food is not an option. If the chow hall is closed you're shit outta luck.

So for areas where there is delivery, it does not go unappreciated. In barracks all over duty stations like Camp Lejeune & Camp Pendleton, pizza delivery heroes shuttle an endless loop in the evenings making sure the junior enlisted get their fill. (My go-to back in the day was the Domino's chicken-bacon-ranch with extra ranch, sometimes multiple times per week. Guess some things don't change much.) 

Bonus for any post-9/11 Marines who might stumble upon this blog or for anyone in the military who can't wait to get out, The EAS Song, a classic by Tyler Satterfield

And ok, it's not quite a song but we do sing terribly sometimes… There's always ZeroBlog30 if you're looking for another lighthearted mil-related listen: