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Alex Smith Is Miraculously Now One Play Away From Taking Real Life, In-Game NFL Snaps


With all the commotion of the Dwayne Haskins benching, there is something crazy that we must talk about, and that's the fact Alex Smith is now ONE PLAY AWAY from taking in game NFL snaps. Holy. Shit.

If you have yet to watch the E:60 documentary about Alex Smith's recovery, I implore you to do that.



He has battled and battled and battled, he looked great in this video from May



He made the 53 man roster, and now is one Kyle Allen mishap from playing in a game. Against real life 300 pound football players. Insane.

If you saw that picture of Alex's leg (if you saw it, you know the one I'm talking about. If you didn't, you don't need to see it, just think worst possible scenario) you would never imagine he would walk again, nevermind play professional football. But on Sunday he will suit up, take warmups, and be ready to play at a moment's notice. I really truly cannot believe it.

And if Kyle Allen sucks, who knows, maybe Alex is the starter?? I don't even know. It scares me to think about it, after how much he's been through, but I guess this is why he did it, for the chance to play again. So if he's not worried, I'll try not to be worried. But I can't lie, it is frightening. But I'm rooting for him, as I think we all are.