According To Skip Bayless Winning A Championship Is Actually Bad For LeBron

That my friends is how it's done. Kings stay Kings as they say. With LeBron being just one win away from his fourth ring and at least one with three different franchises, you KNEW Skip was going to have to bring out the big guns today. I'm not even interested in his reasoning because that statement is so goddamn outrageous it doesn't even matter. I know this is all part of Skip's playbook as a master troll, it's why he makes millions of dollars, but come on, it's funny. Because somehow in his own deranged brain he is trying to convince himself that this is actually true. 

The thing is, if LeBron wins this 4th ring, he still won't pass Jordan in the GOAT rankings to a lot of people. If you think LeBron is the GOAT, you already did before these Finals. If you think Jordan is the GOAT nothing will ever change your mind. LeBron could win 6 and people would still give that to Jordan. That's how it works now and how it will work forever. But Jordan fans also don't need to be so insecure. It's OK to admit that this LeBron fella is pretty fucking good. One of the all time greats. The shit he is doing on the court in Year 17 defies logic. But for someone to actually utter the words that WINNING A TITLE would hurt someone's legacy is so bananaland this is my brain currently

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Can you name any other player where winning a championship is actually a bad thing? The closest I can think of is what people said about Durant when he won his in Golden State, and as we know that was all bullshit. People were just mad he didn't go to their favorite team. He earned those rings, just look at his Finals performances. I'm also pretty sure Skip has argued in the past that LeBron couldn't be the GOAT because he only had 3 rings, so then he potentially wins a 4th ring and that makes his case worse? Bravo. That's all I can really say right now. That's being committed to your bit like you read about. 

I wonder at what point in the Finals Skip came up with this angle. It truly is a work of art and I have nothing but respect for it. He sounds like a fucking moron but hey, you have to respect his trolling ability. He dug down deep and brought his A game when he needed it most. This is throwing 100 on the black. 

It pains me to have to stick up for LeBron at all in this regard. I'm about to take another shower as soon as I finish writing this blog. In fact all the positive shit I've had to write about the Lakers over these last few weeks has made me vomit on multiple occasions. People think this blogging life is easy, well I beg to differ. You try having to write multiple positive blogs about a player and a franchise you hate more than poison. Credit to me for powering through. But I cannot sit here and go along with the "winning championships are bad" angle. I don't have it in me and if that means I need to stick up for LeBron then so be it.

God damn you Skip Bayless. God damn you.