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You're An Absolute Moron If You Think The Lakers Won Because Of A Goddamn Corny Ass Text Message From LeBron To His Teammates

Let me get ahead of this story. The Lakers did not win because of a fucking text message from LeBron and if you actually believe that, I hate you. There's no doubt there are teammates (I'm looking at you Kuzma) that absolute hated getting this text message. They gotta think he's corny as hell. But spare me the whole this is why the Lakers won like you see in some tweets here and all over the damn place. 

No, the Lakers won because Anthony Davis did this

And because KCP had 15 and hit big shots when they needed it

And because Goran Dragic is hurt and he's really the one guy on the Heat that can get hot quick from an offensive standpoint. And because Kendrick Nunn had to play 26 minutes and while Kendrick Nunn had a great regular season, he was falling off towards the end. There's a reason he was playing limited minuted in the postseason. Not to mention Nunn went 2-for-11 from the floor last night. 

Not a goddamn text message. I don't know why so many people buy into this shit. It's part of the reason why we can't actually enjoy LeBron. The quote is stupid but then people run with it as if it's the actual reason the Lakers won.