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Stephon Gilmore And Two More Tennessee Titans Tested Positive For COVID-19 And I Want Roger Goodell Arrested For Crimes Against Humanity

The NFL had more time to come up with a plan than any other league. Their season ended over a month before the NBA had to shut down. A month before March Madness. A month before the MLB sent everyone home. SEVEN MONTHS before the regular season was set to kick off. They were able to witness both the NBA & NHL's successes as well as the MLB's failures. And instead of jotting down some notes or coming up with a comprehensive plan Roger Goodell handed everyone a flare gun and a bindle, pushed them out of a plane and said, "Best of luck!" I'm not trying to steal Dave's schtick or even trying to be funny when I suggest that Goodell should be arrested and charged with some sort of crime against humanity. 

There's no chance the Patriots-Chiefs game should have been played this week. I don't even care about the loss the Chiefs are better than the Patriots that's not what this is about. The Patriots took two fucking planes to Kansas City: one with people who might have been exposed to Cam Newton and one with people they assumed had ZERO contact with anyone else on plane number one. How. How are we this deep into this fucking pandemic and people still don't understand what this pathogen is on the most basic level? The Kansas City Chiefs should be FURIOUS right now. They're 4-0 and now they have to hold their breath and hope Gilmore or one of the other 50 Patriots who hadn't yet tested positive at kickoff wasn't actually carrying this stupid fucking disease and spread it to anyone on the defending champs. This game could have easily been moved, the NFL could absolutely have built in a Week 18, 19, 20, etc., to keep players and personnel safe. The Titans got the weekend off, surely that was enough time to stomp out the brush fire of outbreaks they experienced last week, right? RIGHT?

Oh, whoops. It's almost as if this two week virus that disguises itself and lurks in the shadows until it's ready to unveil itself is actually staying super consistent. It's almost like the most contact sport, with no Bubble, is going to be near impossible to stop this shit for a sport that has never once in its entire history even feigned slight interest in player safety. But hey, at least they continue to let fans in more and more stadiums every week. Surely nothing bad can come of that development. Man held the entire NFL Draft from a recliner in his basement, shoveling M&Ms in his mouth from the safety of his home, but sent all the players and coaches and staff out there to travel the country without even blinking. Good job, Roger.