Wake Up With Mac Miller - Nikes On My Feet

This video is like a 2010 time capsule where everything is right again.  The extremely sad tragedy of Mac's death hadn't happened yet, social media barely had an impact on our life, and the Cubs still had never won a World Series in 100 years.  All was right in the world.  I know Mac Miller evolved as an artist in a million different ways and people seemed to be happy about that, but I still think this era might have been the purest to live through.  

Look at the amount of energy coming out of this human.  It was hard for fans not to root for him.

A bunch of kids in snapbacks walking around baseball fields or driving around town in dated sedans, just growing up in the last few years before Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat even exited.  I know I sound like an old man reminiscing, but these videos really take me back.  Rest In Peace to Mac Miller!