Hank Watch: "It's a good bet the King ends up in D.C."


Bob McKenzie has been all over this story, and he continues to express, almost without doubt, that Henrik Lundqvist will sign in Washington on Friday. He said this again on TV tonight after the Caps picked Hendrix Lapierre with the 22nd overall pick. Other outlets picked this up, I'm not sure if they were just relaying Bob's scoop or if it's a different one, but


Which translates to "Sources from the USA say that Henrik Lundqvist will sign for @Capitals during Friday."

Again, no idea if he was just repeating Bob's report or if it's something else. Either way, it seems very likely, barring a last second push from someone like Colorado, that Henrik Lundqvist will be a Washington Capital as soon as Friday. And if it's wrong, so be it. As I wrote this morning, it's the ultimate freeroll. There is no downside to it. Let's do it. A King in DC.




Post blog update:



Might as well just announce it now.