In Addition To Announcing The 3rd Pick Of The NHL Draft, Alex Trebek Also Casually Ethered The Wilpons On Tonight's Jeopardy

I had to at least tease the chance of the rare Quad Blog about Trebek announcing the Sens pick, right?

Out of the zillions of things I have heard Alex Trebek say on Jeopardy over the years, I think that "Oops" may be my favorite thing ever uttered by the Gameshow GOAT. More than the overemphasized French accent. More than the verbal lashing filled with pure disdain for a trio nerds that missed an entire sports category. More than the warm goodbye to me as the rest of my night begins. Because while those all make my soul smile for varying reasons, only one of them involves Trebek zinging the fuckheads that ruined my baseball life without an ounce of #RE2PECT in his voice, which is my favorite Trebek. Ah you lost half a billion dollars in the biggest Ponzi scheme ever seen? Oops! In the end, it was honest working folks and Mets fans who ended up getting truly fucked by Bernie Madoff. But I'll gladly watch one of my favorite humans on Earth land one last kick to the collective dicks of my least favorite humans on Earth before my baseball savior takes over for them.