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The Braves Just Showed the Marlins What a Real Baseball Team Looks Like

I sincerely apologize to everyone currently in the Atlanta Braves' clubhouse for ever having any moment of doubt that we would win that game when Miami went up 4-1 in the third inning. It's the Postseason; feelings get intensified.

But my goodness, what an answer Atlanta provided after falling behind on a day when ace Max Fried didn't have his best stuff. And it all started when the Marlins — whether intentionally or not — drilled Ronald Acuña with a 97 MPH fastball.

Logic would seem to dictate that no sensible team would hit somebody in a Postseason game, but after Ronald launched an opposite field bomb to start the game — and considering the history he and the Marlins have going back two years now — Miami has lost the benefit of the doubt.

But whether it was on purpose or not, I'm glad they put Acuña on base because he came around to score in an inning where the Braves cut the Marlins' lead to 4-3. And then when the seventh inning rolled around, Atlanta exploded for six runs to put the game away.

If the first time you watched the Braves this year was that 13-inning game with a grand total of one run against Cincinnati last week, you saw the anomaly. This is what this offense has done all season long. They're never out of a game.

The drastic momentum swings the Braves have manufactured in their first three games of the Postseason have been nothing short of phenomenal. It seems like all that terrible luck from the Cardinals series last year has flipped this time around.

I've heard about enough of how great the Marlins are. Let's go get 'em again tomorrow.