Shout Out To Russell Westbrook For Reportedly Leaving An $8,000 Tip To The Housekeepers Of His Bubble Hotel Room

Usually Russell Westbrook makes this blog for something he crazy said, something crazier he did on the court, or something downright outrageous he wore to the locker room. But today he went 0-for-3 in those categories by reportedly doing something awesome off the court. You can tell a lot about somebody by the way they treat people in the service industry, especially when nobody's watching and ESPECIALLY in the middle of a pandemic when those people are being called on to do even more while working through more challenges and also not catching a super contagious virus from the customers that rely on them, even if they are in a supposed bubble.

I'm sure there will be the typical gaggle of people calculating how much of Russ' salary he gave to those housekeepers like they would tip anywhere near as much as he did if they were making a zillion dollars a year. But they wouldn't. Shit, even I probably wouldn't. I like to think I would leave a fair amount since I already tip a couple bucks for every night I stay in my hotel for Poors (The Grand Floridian won't be on the Clems' radar anytime soon unless they offer a massive Groupon). But leaving an eight grand tip for a few month work trip is impressive no matter how much coin you make. Portnoy should give me a monster raise and send me to the MLB bubble and I'll report back. One thing I can guarantee you is I wouldn't leave my room spotless. Neat? Of course, Mama Clem raised me right. But my towels would be on the ground, snack wrappers would be on the desk since I am awful at finding hotel room garbage cans and my bed would definitely not be made since I don't even make it at home.

Anyway shout out to good guy Russell Westbrook for ending this work day on a good note by being a good dude.

UPDATE: Yup, Russ is a good dude, in case you didn't already know.