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Shoutout To This Chef Who Was Part Of Making 4,000 Meals A Week In The Bubble

The entire Orlando Bubble experiment by pretty much all accounts has been a smashing success. Not only have they not had any covid outbreaks, but the quality of basketball has been tremendous. It really is remarkable when you think of how much of a shit show things are in the world right now. The NBA had never experienced anything like this, had to come up with a plan out of thin air, and then hope everyone was able to execute it properly. We only had a handful of issues that we know about with guys crossing the line for takeout and then Danuel House getting it in with that tester, but other than that it's been flawless.

That's why I found that video so fascinating. Shitting on the food was the cool thing to do on the internet as guys first arrived in the bubble, but as someone on the outside I am so interested in seeing all the behinds the scenes shit when it comes to everyday life in the bubble for everyone else. I can't imagine having to cook all that food every goddamn day for so many people. That stuff looked bomb too. Way better than what I'm eating on a daily basis I'll tell you that much. Shoutout Chef Lex. The fact that it's basically just those two people doing everything is pretty wild. 4,000 meals a week is so much cooking my brain can't even really comprehend that. 

The league really did think of absolutely everything down to the finest detail which is what makes their bubble experiment so wild. Runners can only take the food so far, they can't cross the line under any circumstances and have to give it with a runner on the other side as to not contaminate anything. I had no idea that there was a subsection of the bubble that was for everyone else but the players and they could never cross the other side. I imagine all those people are tested anyway but the league didn't even consider taking that risk. The fact that the NBA figured all this out in what seems like such a short time is really impressive. 

This is all stuff that I hope is in a 30 for 30 one day. The entire bubble experiment is a historic achievement no matter how you slice it. I don't just want to see the behind the scenes stuff from the players and all that drama, but also the ins and outs of how everyone else made this bubble work so smoothly. We are what, 100+ days into this thing? If you can't admit that's impressive then you're just hating to hate.

Seriously though, that food looked fucking bomb. If I had a shit ton of money I would hire Chef Lex in about 0.2 seconds.