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An Absolute BROUHAHA Erupts On Allegiant Air Flight Between A Pro-Shield-but-Anti-Mask Asshole And The Hammered Drunk Dude With A Dying Mom Who Would Soon Be Ripping Half Of His Hair Out Of His Skull

A report like this from the Post, one for which I've got 1. two videos and 2. a direct firsthand account from a woman who was literally filming it, both lined up ready to roll — it's what we sometimes refer to in the biz as a no-brainer blog. It stands on its own merit, pretty much writes itself, which is great because this is Barstool Sports and there's a lot less hyperbole in sayings like "no brainer" than you would expect among graduates of kindergarten let alone mid-20s, mid 30-s guys.  

And I got to write the word brouhhaha. While an amazingly drunk man ripped literal chunks of strands out of a mask-truther's head. And at 5 PM? Now I feel uncomfortable, like I'm getting too much, no, no that's completely passed and I'm fine with it I'm going to pack up actually have a great night everyone. 

Ok I'll be truthful, I had to stop and think on something for almost a full 5 minutes which was as painful as it sounds, thank you for asking. But I was stuck between wanting to do the honorable thing and lead off with the video everyone was here for...and the fact that you can have a greater appreciation and louder laugh for the ridiculousness of the video if you actually watch it last. If you read the news blurbs and more importantly, listen to @BakedByRylie do a B+/A- job giving the entire backstory of the altercation she filmed while practically acting as a real-life-human form of VH1 Behind The Music dishing out fun facts and trivia bits like dimes.

A covidiot who refused to wear a mask on an Allegiant Air flight because he thought his face shield was enough exchanged blows with a fellow passenger who took offense, according to a report.

A flight attendant aboard Flight 607 from Mesa, Arizona, to Provo, Utah, on Saturday told the man to cover his nose and mouth with a mask — but he stubbornly refused the simple request, the Arizona Republic reported.

“He has a face shield on so he doesn’t think he needs to wear an additional mask,” passenger Rylie Lansford, who was sitting a row ahead, told the news outlet.

She said the crew member indicated that the man had also flown a day earlier and argued with her about the issue on that flight.

Meanwhile, Lansford said, another flier sitting in the window seat in her row yelled, “It’s called" COVID! NY POST

Excellent work by Rylie — we don't have her, we don't have my favorite sneaky favorite tidbit:

-This dude, Guy A (who I'm already picturing sitting in his seat staring straight ahead with one of those $6.59 plastic shields from amazon and no mask, like the amount of open air space he's got there is preposterous) — he's had this exact same conversation with this exact same flight attendant! What are the odds! Pretty good because it was YESTERDAY. Yesterday as in the day before, this same thing happened. I have no choice but to believe with absolutely 0 doubt this guy flies around the country every second of every day of his life with 1 face-shield, 0 face-mask, and about 2, 2.5 square inches of healthy hair left for the next time a guy pregamed his flight to say peace to his dying mom. 

"We had a calm rest of the flight, the seat next to us was just covered with old white man hair. "