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Stomach Contents Review - Did Somebody Order Calamari?

Just a piping hot order of not so fresh Calamari.  There is something so electric about the stomach contents game for me.  I am FULLY aware you may not share my opinion, but goddamn if it doesn't fire me up every time you perforate that stomach lining and see what is inside!  The moment you stick your fingers in the gushy gushy and start to feel around, you realize there is NO TELLIN what you might find, and that is a beautiful thing.  

I think it is so extremely interesting that there was an entire squid in this thing.  It very well could have been chum or a bait, but there was no hook in it or anything suggesting that, so I think it may have very well just been munched whole.  Mahi are complete eating machines, as they are one of the fastest growing fish on the planet, so they definitely don't waste time chewing.

P.S. - Thumbnail is butthole eyes city.  You don't even gotta say it, I see it too brother.  Aw damn...

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