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NOOOOOOOOO, GOD NO: We Have Our First Paul George To The Knicks Rumor

[Source] - “The Knicks desperately need a starting small forward since Marcus Morris was dealt to the Clippers. Because of his low-energy defense, Kevin Knox may only become at best a sixth-man scorer. This might be the deal in which the Knicks have to put either RJ Barrett or Mitchell Robinson on the table as George, 30, is in his two-way prime. He’s in the third year of a four-year, $136.9 million pact, making $35.4 million this season. The final year is a player option so George can become a free agent after next season.”

If you heard that, that was me screaming when I read this report. Jesus, no. I don't even think Paul George is a bad player or anything. I just want zero to do with him. Zippy. Absolutely not. The last thing I want to do is give up one of the two young players that could be okay to get him. Why would I want a guy that seems to be always hurt and FOR SURE always choking in the playoffs for an okay regular season? (LOL, the Knicks in the playoffs. I know.) 

I've been saying this ever since the Knicks lost out on every free agent last offseason. They were actually smart in offering everyone 1+1 deals and keeping money alive. They aren't going to land a star. They just aren't until Dolan is gone. Try to be the Nuggets. Try to land guys in the draft - not saying you get a Jokic/Murray combo, but that's what you gotta aim for instead of photoshop season. Land role players like a Torrey Craig or Will Barton with that open money and add depth. Then pay guys to stay home. That HAS to be the plan. 

Even this would be better: 

I don't love it, but you have a few extra first round picks thanks to the Kristaps trade. If it's one of those + Knox, you gotta pull that trigger. We saw what Chris Paul can still do with that Oklahoma City team. I'd be okay with that. You keep Robinson and RJ and let Chris Paul try to ball out. But again, STICK TO DRAFT PICKS. 

Just whatever you do, don't give me Paul George. Stay the fuck away. It's pretty basic.