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Don't Look Now But The Browns Have A 70.3% Chance Of Making The Playoffs!!!

Oh, cool. Not a big deal. We're only 4 weeks into the season.....let's not overreact here. Still a lot of football left to play. End of blog. 

If all non-Clevelanders would please exit the page now, that would be great. Only lifelong Browns fans may continue to read below this line.

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Okay, okay. Nobody panic. Act like we've been here before. I know we haven't be here in 20 years, but let's just pretend like we know what we're doing. Let's not blow our load 4 weeks into the season. But holy shit THIS IS REALLY HAPPENING!!! 70% chance we make the playoffs!!! That's better than the odds of someone getting struck by lightening twice, which are our usual chances. Now it's better than a coin flip! I mean, they're saying that if they played out the rest of the season 10 times, we'd be in the postseason for SEVEN OF THEM!!!  And I think we can all agree that the ESPN FPI is basically the most reliable data on the internet. Here's what else it has to say:

Projected Record: 9.7 - 6.3

Chances To Make The Playoffs: 70.3%

Chances To Win The Division: 11.6% (seems low, seeing as us, the Ravens, and the Steelers are have 3 wins right now)

Chances to Make The AFC Championship: 8.1%

Chances To Make The Super Bowl: 2.2%

WHAT?!?!??! You're telling me that 4 weeks into the season, we actually have a quantitative number that says we could potentially play in the big game? Don't tell me that there's……I mean… way……right?…….no way there's a percent chance we WIN THE SUPER BOWL?

To Win The Super Bowl: 0.8%

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