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John Daly Is Still Out Here Drilling Holes-In-One Barefoot

John Daly's still got it, folks.

"That makes 11 of them mother—," Daly said after he drilled a hole-in-one. And just for a little added flare, the shot came with Daly hitting barefoot, because that's just what John Daly does.

Playing a round of golf with Daly has to be one of the coolest experiences anyone could have. The stories you'd hear in those few hours would be enough to win every dinner party for the rest of your life.

But it's really cool to see that Daly seems to be doing well after revealing last month he had been diagnosed with bladder cancer. I hope he gets better soon and we'll see him at his traditional spot in the Hooters parking lot in Augusta for this year's November installment of The Masters.