Watching Old MTV Cribs Episodes With NBA Players Is The Perfect Level Of Nostalgia

Man what a throwback. Early 2000s MTV was the golden age in my opinion. Back when MTV was actually worth watching. I can't even tell you the last time I watched that channel. Isn't it all nothing but Ridiculousness episodes or something nowadays? But back in the day, man was it sweet. MTV Cribs, Pimp My Ride, Real World, Road Rules, Room Raiders, Made, Making The Band, Two-A-Days, the list goes on and on. I guarantee if they brought these shows back they would dominate the TV landscape. Remember when they would do the blacklight test in Room Raiders? Talk about nerve wracking. 

Well for me, I always loved the MTV Cribs episodes when they went to an NBA player's mansion. I'll always remember Shaq's gigantic circle bed that was basically the size of my entire house. Or later in the episode where this giant of a human somehow fit perfectly into a tiny ass Ferrari. That made no sense at the time and frankly still doesn't. 

As we know nostalgia always plays so do yourself a favor and go back in time to when life was much more simple. Everything from the houses to the style to what we thought was cool in the 2000s will always be fun to see in 2020. 

Separately, if we were to revive some old MTV shows, what would be your order? I feel like for me it's definitely Real World/Road Rules as long as they promised to not make it shitty. I'm talking like the first Vegas season era from 2002, not the bullshit one we got in like 2011. That might have been the pinnacle of reality television.