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President Trump Went To Walter Reed And The Hot Takes Were Flying

It is never a dull day on the ol Twitter website no matter what is happening. When President Trump went to Walter Reed Medical Center for Covid-19 Twitter nearly imploded in on itself to become a real black hole. Conspiracy theories were running rampant and ranged from the diagnosis was fake to Trump using a body double to we are all lizard people to the Jaguars are a good football team. None of that seems likely, but some were just close enough that they could be believed, like this spicy boi:

Everyone knows financial advisors have a direct line to the Pentagon and are the first to know when the military goes on "high alert," whatever the fuck that is. "We are clearly weakened..."? Buddy, the President doesn't pick up a rifle and dig a fighting hole when shit pops off, relax, we have hundreds of thousands of fit and able young men and women to do that. He also isn't sitting there making low-level decisions related to the military. Our military is actually structured in a pretty decentralized way so that one man or woman DOES NOT put us in a weakened state, but that is for another day.

Anyway, we discussed the whole situation more on the latest episode of Zero Blog Thirty. 

The rest of the episode is great. Kate made a major announcement, I clearly won a snake draft, and we roasted Cons for being a wine snob. Give it a listen.